About Nexus Group

Nexus Group Inc. is a boutique firm that specializes in selling successful private companies. These companies are well-managed, and have the common denominator of "not needing to sell". They have valuations from $2 million to $50 million and typically sell to more resourceful organizations.

As a small firm, Nexus Group prefers to concentrate on quality over quantity. We judiciously limit our client engagements so that we can provide the time, thought, and follow-through required by our engagements. This allows us to essentially “partner” with clients to deliver superior service and impressive results.

Nexus Group consists of a 3 partner team of high-caliber professionals with extensive business experience and complimentary backgrounds. Our blended talents, our unique 'investment-banking-style' approach, and our extensive network of buyers results in successful transactions and satisfied clients.

Nexus Group manages engagements by allowing team partners to specialize in certain aspects of every client transaction. This optimizes individual skills and maximizes client results. Our approach also helps level the playing field with potential buyers by applying the best use of all available resources on the client's behalf.

At Nexus Group, we strive to enrich clients with our distinct blend of business, financial and marketing expertise. We help them achieve the biggest return on their largest investment — their business — in the shortest amount of time. The exceptional quality of our people, passion and performance distinguishes us from typical M&A firms that rely on repetitive buyer-side engagements.

Benefits Of Selling Your Agency With Nexus Group

  • Experience and Expertise – Nexus Group team members have experience and technical expertise in all facets of mergers and acquisitions. We provide our clients with senior-level professionals that have bought, sold and brokered more than 500 mergers and acquisitions.
  • Broad Resources – We have a national network of key professionals available to work on the clients’ behalf, including: CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, attorneys, and active qualified buyers - all with a proven track record for success.
  • Superior Service – Nexus Group works closely with its seller clients, walking them through the entire transaction process.
  • Performance-Based Compensation – Our compensation is based on your definition of success. Further, there are no up-front fees.